Quality Handcrafted Mandolins

Neck Details

Scale Length:_____13-7/8 inches

Peghead Shapes

Standard f-style Peghead

Modified F-Style Peghead

Take off $50

Same overall size and mass

different look

A-Style Snake Head Peghead

on A model only

A-Style Modified Peghead

Add $50

The Peghead in this picture has

Maple Inlay Material

A-Style Mandolin

Traditional Peg Head

Wenge overlay

Flower inlay design

Abalone inlay

Golden Age tuners

Unbleached bone nut

Inlay Designs

Vine Inlay

F-Style Only

my own design

Fern Inlay

F-Style Only

a more traditional look

Fern Pot Inlay

my own design

Fleur-de-lis Inlay

Irish Knot Inlay

I have four different kinds of knots.

They only come in wood inlay.

Bullrush Inlay

My own design.

Reminds me of a nearby river bank.

Inlay Materials

Mother of Pearl Inlay

I've been using Agoya (a kind of mollusk) instead of mother of pearl because it has a richer, 

more colourful appearance.

Abalone Inlay

Add $30

What can you say?

It's beautiful!

Maple Burl Inlay

Take off $25

Very easy to cut and much

less expensive

than shell

Peghead Veneer

Front - Ebony

Back - Maple Burl

Others are available


Ebony (Others are available)

Position Marker "Dots" match inlay material

Surface - compound radius fingerboard

Neck width, depth (thickness), and profile can be custom