Quality Handcrafted Mandolins

Neck Details

Scale Length:_____13-7/8 inches

Peghead Shapes

Standard f-style Peghead

Modified F-Style Peghead

Take off $50

Same overall size and mass

different look

A-Style Snake Head Peghead

on A model only

A-Style Modified Peghead

Add $50

The Peghead in this picture has

Maple Inlay Material

A-Style Mandolin

Traditional Peg Head

Wenge overlay

Flower inlay design

Abalone inlay

Golden Age tuners

Unbleached bone nut

Inlay Designs

Vine Inlay

F-Style Only

my own design

Fern Inlay

F-Style Only

a more traditional look

Fern Pot Inlay

my own design

Fleur-de-lis Inlay

Irish Knot Inlay

I have four different kinds of knots.

They only come in wood inlay.

Inlay Materials

Mother of Pearl Inlay

I've been using Agoya (a kind of mollusk) instead of mother of pearl because it has a richer, 

more colourful appearance.

Abalone Inlay

Add $30

What can you say?

It's beautiful!

Maple Burl Inlay

Take off $25

Very easy to cut and much

less expensive

than shell

Peghead Veneer

Front - Ebony

Back - Maple Burl

Others are available


Ebony (Others are available)

Position Marker "Dots" match inlay material

Surface - compound radius fingerboard

Neck width, depth (thickness), and profile can be custom